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Types of Air Conditioners

We offer a diverse range of air conditioning solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and financial considerations. Our extensive selection includes various types of air conditioners, ensuring that we have an option that perfectly aligns with your requirements. From cost-effective models ideal for budget-conscious individuals to premium units equipped with advanced features, we aim to provide a comprehensive array of choices, guaranteeing your satisfaction with both performance and price. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect air conditioner that strikes the right balance between functionality and affordability.

split air conditioner

  • A split air conditioner consists of two main parts
  • Indoor Unit: This unit is placed inside the room you want to cool. It contains the evaporator component and is responsible for blowing conditioned air into the room.
  • Outdoor Unit (Compressor): The outdoor unit is placed outside the building. It houses the compressor and expels the heat collected from the indoor unit.
  • In summary, a split system AC has an indoor unit for cooling and an outdoor unit for heat exchange. These systems are commonly used for both residential and commercial spaces.

Multi-head system air conditioner

  • A multi-head system air conditioner is a versatile cooling solution that allows you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
  • Outdoor Unit (Compressor): The outdoor unit, also known as the compressor, is installed outside the building. It serves as the central component of the system.
  • Indoor Units (Heads): Each indoor unit (referred to as a “head”) is placed inside a specific room or area that requires cooling.
  • Individual Control: The multi-head system allows individual control of each indoor unit. You can adjust the temperature settings independently for each room or area.
  • Advantages: Using a single outdoor unit reduces installation costs compared to installing separate systems for each room. Ideal for homes or buildings with limited space.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system

  • A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is a comprehensive solution for both cooling and heating your entire home. Components:
  • Indoor Unit: The indoor unit is usually installed in the ceiling or under the floor. It serves as the central hub for distributing conditioned air throughout your home.
  • Outdoor Unit (Compressor): The outdoor unit houses the compressor and other essential components. It’s responsible for exchanging heat with the environment.
  • Whole-House Comfort: Ducted reverse cycle systems provide consistent temperature control throughout your home.
  • By using the same system for both cooling and heating, you save energy and reduce utility bills.



We are accredited and eligible to create Victorian Energy Efficient Certificates (VEECs) by providing free energy efficient products to Victorian residents and businesses under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program formerly known as Victoria Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme.

Our fully trained and qualified consultant assess the eligibility of our consumers premises as per the requirements and offer FREE energy efficient products with FREE installation where we use high quality products that are approved by Essential Services Commission.

Installations are carried out by certified A Grade Electricians, Retrofitters and/or Trained Installers as per the products requirement.



We’re dedicated to performance, quality and sustainability.


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100% Australian owned and operated, specialising in sustainability. We are a group of qualified professionals who have an excellent track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Full-Service Solutions

We provide a full-service green energy solution. Our clients have access to Government incentives and attractive finance products for all of our services including LED lighting, solar, battery storage, power factor correction and efficient hot water.


Industry Leading Products

We only use highly efficient, industry leading products with fantastic warranties. All of our products are approved and certified to be installed under the Government programs we work within.


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We offer an A-Z service, from initial discussions right through to installation and after-sales support. We take care of everything and are committed to ensuring your experience and the service and product you receive is world class


The Victoria Energy Upgrades Program is a government initiative that is developed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by providing Victorian consumers access to discounted energy efficient products and services. This also helps Victorians reduce their energy bills. This program also contributes towards investment and employment in industries that supply these products and services. One of its examples are us acting as an Accredited Provider with trading name Energy Tick carry out these upgrade activities by installing energy efficient products in residential or non-residential premises in Victoria creating Victorian Energy Efficient Certificates (VEECs)

Under the VEU Program the free upgrades include:

• In-home Display units (electricity usage monitor)
• Exhaust fan seals
• Door frame seals
• Water efficient shower heads
• Energy efficient light globes